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September 30th, 2023

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Note from the Editor:   We’ve had multiple stories in past issues about tour operators using VR to take people back in time and our first story is about a German operator doing just that. It’s called TimeRide and offers tours in 4  cities.  Its’ founder is quoted as saying “ we want to make history that people can feel” which is such a cool mission statement. And the author of this article really muses on the incredible value that VR can deliver and that history books cannot.

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor    
VR: more than just gaming     

How virtual reality can help us feel & understand forgotten horrors sfchronicle.com
I was more than a little startled when Konrad Adenauer approached me in the Old Market.  Sure, I was visiting Cologne, Germany, Adenauer’s hometown. But I had never imagined I’d lay eyes on the German republic’s first post-war chancellor — much less get a wave from him. Not least because he died six years before I was born. But I had traveled back to 1926, when Adenauer was Cologne’s mayor, courtesy of TimeRide, a virtual reality tour.
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A new perspective from the ashes of Notre-Dam 

How virtual reality is creating new opportunities for French tourism  connexionfrance.com 
Tourist sites are adopting innovative technologies to let people experience them even when visiting is physically impossible. It means, for example, that visitors to Paris can admire Notre-Dame Cathedral, which is not due to reopen to the public until December 2024, thanks to virtual reality The Eternal Notre-Dame experience allows you to explore the cathedral over a span of more than 800 years, from the beginning of construction in the 12th century to the fire in 2019 and its future reopening.
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Silly but probably very effective! 

Rhode Island encourages tourism with a giant AR-enabled stuffed clam   adweek.com 
To encourage tourism,  the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation is taking a large sculpture of a stuffed clam (also called a “stuffie”) to airports in key flight markets across the U.S. through the end of 2023. 
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DMOs: check out what your European colleagues are doing 
2024 European Capital of Smart Tourism competition   smart-tourism-capital.cc
The below cities and destinations have been shortlisted for the 2024 European Capital of Smart Tourism and European Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism competitions.
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Goodbye stories about the metaverse (for now). Hello AI! 

AI unleashed: empowering travel advisors for business growth   travelmarketreport.com 
One of the most anticipated sessions at the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies & Travel Advisors (ACTA) summit was the Artificial Intelligence (AI) session with a timely focus on how Travel advisors can leverage and grow their business using new tools. 
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