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August 29th, 2022

The Only VR Newsletter for the Travel Industry

Note from the Editor:  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Ignore AR/VR and this annoying “thing” called the metaverse at your peril! Potential travelers have always wanted to be inspired. Marketers everywhere are increasingly seeing that this technology can bring that desire to a new level. 

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor  
Will some of these “served up” campaigns include AR/ VR?  You bet.  

SNAP launches travel ad product  Dot.la 
Social media giant SNAP has launched a new advertising product for the travel industry. Dynamic Travel Ads lets hotels, airlines, and travel agencies create ads that Snap can serve to interested Snapchat users. Using location data and other metrics, the new ad product can target users who intend to travel and show them locally relevant campaigns for destinations or tours. 
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How to create “fresh revenue streams “in the metaverse

Six ways metaverse will impact travel and hotels  Traveldine.com 
Just how big is the market for metaverse when it comes to travel and hospitality?  It’s huge. The metaverse isn’t a hardware technology. The metaverse is an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds. 
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Choosing an airline or enduring a lengthy airport layover doesn’t have to be so grim 
Five airlines and five airports shortlisted for the FTE Pioneer Awards 2022
Three airlines and three airports will be crowned the winners for their outstanding efforts to transform the passenger experience and define the future of the industry, by tapping into new areas such as the metaverse, NFTs, parallel reality, new cabin designs and new sustainable energy resources. 
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DFS has been experimenting with AR/VR for some time

DFS World’ opens for customers to explore travel retail beauty metaverse
Luxury travel retailer, DFS Group launched its first-ever virtual universe – DFS World – in conjunction with the launch of its largest-ever Annual Beauty Campaign. Throughout the campaign, customers were invited to explore DFS’ beauty-themed metaverse to capture exclusive interactive experiences, beauty brand offers, and in-store activations.
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Will this stunt REALLY sell more actual nachos? Taco Bell thinks so. 

How to win your dream Taco Bell metaverse wedding   Thrillist.com
Every kid dreams of a wedding that involves the metaverse and Taco Bell.... right?   If that describes your fantasy wedding then fear not, your moment has finally arrived. After first marrying over 700 couples at its Las Vegas Taco Bell Cantina, the chain is taking things one step further by offering one lucky couple the chance to experience the world's first Taco Bell wedding in the metaverse.
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