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March 29th, 2022

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Note from the Editor:   How is VR different from 360 videos? How are tour operators marketing themselves and their own guides with personal VR tours? What are 3 good reasons that the time is now for the travel industry to enter the metaverse? What’s another simple definition of the metaverse and why should I care? Ah, scroll down for some answers! 

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor                                                                    
A new twist on “plain ol’” 360 videos.

'Virtually Visiting' announced a new professionally guided 360° virtual travel platform   traveldailynews.com
A professionally guided 360° virtual global tours platform has been launched. Virtually Visiting will give aspiring adventurers the chance to experience tours from around the world, covering the Arctic north to the coast of South Africa. 
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Here are the 3 good reasons referred to above! 

Why it’s time for travel to enter the metaverse   Phocuswire.com
Facebook is just one of the many major companies keenly interested in the metaverse that are working to stake a claim in this three-dimensional, virtual space. “There is no medium that has come before that has the emotive power of VR and that is good news for companies in travel, where inspiration can create desire and, ultimately, a booking.”
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Are AR and VR making culture "lightweight"?
Immersive experiences in the service of culture   Technews.com
For several years now, museums and heritage sites have been constantly reinventing themselves and adopting technology to enrich the visitor’s experience. Recently, immersion has been sought, facilitated by the use of virtual reality and olfactory techniques. Are these experiences, closer to entertainment and sometimes outside the walls, a good thing for the culture sector?
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There are definitely some—at least for now.

VR vs. 360-Degree Video: What’s the Difference?   Arpost.com
A lot of people don’t understand the difference between 360-degree video and virtual reality – and in some cases, the difference can be pretty subtle. It would be handy if hardware provided a line in the sand, but this isn’t the case – both kinds of experiences can be viewed in either VR headsets or flat displays. 
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As are many others….

Travelzoo creates metaverse division   Chargedretail.co.uk
Travelzoo has created a new metaverse division, Travelzoo Meta, and plans to launch the service in April 2022. The project is a paid subscription-based service that provides members with exclusive access to the latest and best metaverse travel experiences.
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