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July 31st, 2021

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Several new applications of VR/AR reality caught our eye this month. Turns out you don’t have to be a billionaire to go into space after all (that’s a relief)! Plus, destinations continue to bring their histories and attractions to life with very cool augmented and virtual exhibits. And take note of the new term “extended reality tourism” that takes into account all of the emerging combinations of virtual, augmented and mixed. Read on......

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor
The future of ‘extended reality’ tourism is now, thanks to the pandemic  Washingtonpost.com 
When the coronavirus pandemic shut down travel around the world, some natural, historical and cultural sites saw it as a call to redouble their efforts to embrace extended reality, both to let people tour these destinations from afar and to develop meaningful new ways for travelers to experience them on-site, in hopes of luring them back after the health emergency eased.
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Jeff Bezos went to the edge of space. This exhibit takes you further!

The INFINITE takes us on a journey into space   Cultmtl.com
Only a very small handful of people around the world will ever have the chance to board the International Space Station. But in a groundbreaking virtual reality exhibition in Montreal, the first exhibition ever to feature VR content filmed in space, viewers get to witness breathtaking footage from aboard the space station as if they were there themselves.

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Last month a “first” was announced in Tulsa, OK. This month, in PA   

Pocono resort houses America’s first virtual reality water-slide
Whether you choose to fly through outer space, battle a medieval dragon or run with wildlife through a jungle safari, this slippery experience submerges you into more than just water. 
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A UNESCO World Heritage Site gets a whole new view 

Diocletian's Dream: a stunning VR experience bringing split history to life  Total-croatia-news/travel  
How to combine modern technology and ancient heritage in a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Check out the incredible Diocletian's Dream VR experience, bringing Diocletian's Palace to life as never before 
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Another example of a destination using AR to enhance a key attraction  

New app brings Derry walls to life   Belfastlive.co.uk 
Derry City and Strabane District Council, in partnership with Visit Derry, has launched an Augmented Reality experience aimed at bringing the Historic City Walls to life through augmented reality helping heritage venues within and around the walls to enhance their tourism offering. 
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New Zealand tourism has been a trailblazer in utilizing AR and VR

Bringing New Zealand tourism to the world   Nzbusiness.co.nz 
Michael Nees of Virtual Journeys is playing a leading role in encouraging the tourism industry and other sectors to use digital innovations and technology to meet the high demand for visitor experiences in Aotearoa New Zealand. His aim is to use virtual reality, augmented reality, and online experience technology to achieve this.
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