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August 31st, 2020

The Only VR Newsletter for the Travel Industry

Deborah Reinow

Note from the Editor:

Have you heard of 360 Stories, GooseChase, ProWalk Tours, Do It in Tuscany or FlyView? These companies are all innovating the travel experience- whether it’s from your couch now, or looking towards the post COVID world. It’s inspiring to read what they’re doing and it just may give you some new ideas for your business. Check it out

 A quirky solution to cabin fever….

The $60 Flight From Japan That Doesn’t Leave The Ground
For travelers experiencing a severe case of wanderlust, a Japanese firm has come up with a novel way for passengers to enjoy a trip to an exotic location in absolute safety. For the bargain price of just $60 would-be travelers can soak up the sun in Hawaii, see the sights in Rome or take a romantic stroll down Champs Elysees in Paris. 
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 Pokémon Go grows up…  

Nashville Murals to Come to Life in AR Scavenger Hunt 
Some of Nashville's well-known murals will come alive in an augmented reality scavenger hunt starting Sept. 1. The game works through a smartphone app called Goose Chase to lead players to murals, local businesses  famous landmarks throughout Music City, using ROAR Augmented Reality technology to provide a new perspective on some of Nashville's familiar pieces of public art.
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Just looking at their website made me long for Paris  

In Paris, VR Experience Shows Notre-Dame Before and After 2019 Fire
It is not the end of the world for travel lovers deprived of an escape to elsewhere during the pandemic. Perhaps you are an urban explorer, nature lover or foodie? A profusion of new virtual experiences in every genre now lies at the end of an Internet connection. These streamlined private tours of an hour or so are devised to keep globetrotters on the go while tour guides keep their jobs.
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More glimpses into what the travel future holds…..

Can Augmented and Virtual Reality devices be your
future travel guides?

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The ‘Experience Economy’ is dead driving a boom in virtual reality  CNBC.com
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New VR products launch to disrupt the events & business world    Londonlovesbusiness.com  
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