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December 14th, 2022

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 Note from the Editor:  It would seem that a key message travel marketers can take away from 2022 is that mixed realities and the seemingly ubiquitous metaverse can’t be called gimmicks anymore. Keep your eye on destinations like Japan and Qatar, and companies like Snap Inc. to see tourism marketing evolve in real-time. Oh, look! We’ve got just the stories for you!  Happy holidays all! 

 Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor    
One of the many 2023 trends lists that put AR/VR at the top 

Amadeus names its top travel trends for 2023 and beyond   Travelagentcentral.com
Talk of the tech revolution in travel is no longer hypothetical, says Amadeus. Over the next 12 months and beyond, the company expects to witness continual change in how we take trips, including new tools, solutions, and expertise.  
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What a great idea  

Explore Japan with Multilingual Voices with a Ninja Theme; AR Tourism Content “Path of the Japanese NINJA”    Yahoo.com 
Avex Entertainment Co., Ltd., in collaboration with the Japan Ninja Council, will launch the Path of the Japanese NINJA, a multilingual tourism content that travels around Japan with voice and music, with a theme centering on ninjas  
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Japan has really gotten the message   
The rise of VR and AR for 'in-person' tourism   Japantoday.com
International tourists to Japan can expect greater incorporation of technology at attractions as destinations step up to offer more immersive experiences. Virtual reality (VR), which was used travel companies during the COVID-19 pandemic so house-bound people worldwide could enjoy a glimpse of other places, is now being increasingly adopted for “in-person” tourism.
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Snap is partnering a lot with travel companies  

Snap highlights the rising potential of AR for marketing   Socialmediatoday.com
With AR set to become a much bigger focus over the next few years, it’s important for all brands to consider the potential for their marketing and promotional efforts, with 3D digital initiatives set to change the game, in many ways, as usage behaviors evolve. 
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Here’s a “pricey example. (But they also have inexpensive programs)

Snap, Qatar Tourism showcases the wonders of Qatar through an immersive AR experience   thepeninsulaqatar.com
Snap Inc. has launched a series of immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences in collaboration with Qatar Tourism, inviting tourists from around the world to experience the wonders of Qatar.

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Nothing to do with travel… or does it?  Fun story 

Pantone’s color of the year was made for the Metaverse   jordannews.jo
Pantone announced its 2023 color of the year: Viva Magenta. A hue with a lust for life. The shade was selected by human trend prognosticators who survey fashion and design, then interpreted by the AI tool Midjourney to create what Pantone described as an “endless new ecosystem to be explored, called ‘the Magentaverse.”
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