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December 21st, 2021

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Note from the Editor:   I know. All of a sudden we’re seeing the word “metaverse” everywhere and it’s getting irritating, right? It’s a new word like a new toy but don’t let that distract you from the reality of what it means for the travel and tourism industry.  Plus, lots of info here on how AR is quickly becoming as ubiquitous as…. the metaverse???
Happy 2022!!      
                                                                    Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor
A new AR “do it yourself” app. For a good demo, check out the video.

The SocialBee: Generating a new reality in travel and tourism  Sociable.com
Social Bee Adventures is an app showcasing augmented reality in tourism and travel spaces—leveraging technology to offer self-guided guided tours. An experience in Social Bee Adventures consists of points of interest, trivia, photo, video, and audio activities that can be placed indoors or outdoors. The app allows creators to build step-by-step tours, scavenger hunts, and all-around adventures in augmented reality that consumers can then use. 
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Don’t let the “m” word deter you from reading about their “face to face cartoon technology” 

Singapore metaverse start-up creating a buzz with AR solutions
BuzzAR, a Singapore-based metaverse start-up that offers a suite of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, is changing the way tourism and hospitality companies interact with their customers.
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It’s no surprise that Marriott has jumped in 
Marriott's in the metaverse: Will more hotel brands take the virtual plunge?   fool.com
Interest in the metaverse has exploded during the pandemic, as the mix of virtual worlds and other internet technologies rapidly gains consumer uptake. What exactly the metaverse is remaining a bit of a moving target, but it already includes non-fungible tokens (NFT), like the digital art sold for millions and surging platforms like Sandbox where users interact with each other while living in complex virtual realities that include buying virtual real estate. And now there's Marriott International- a proprietor of very real real estate.
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Korea Tourism seems to be taking cues from Singapore!

Korea Tourism Organization launches “Come Play with Korea K-VIBE Festa”   Traveldailymedia.com 
The Korea Tourism Organization have launched a new campaign “Come Play with Korea, K-VIBE Festa’ using an extended reality platform to provide a new traveling experience to Korea before visiting in person.
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Great overview for the hoteliers among us

Using Augmented Reality in hotel rooms: How hotels can use AR for a more engaging guest experience   Medium.com
Augmented reality is transforming the way that people live, shop, and travel. Have you tried using AR in your hotel rooms? Airline companies are using AR to help passengers navigate the airport and find their way to their gates, and major travel websites now have AR features that show you where to find hotels and attractions around the world. But why stop there?
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And for the rest of us - take note of what’s coming!

15 unique applications of AR In advertising to anticipate in 2022
Each year, augmented reality becomes increasingly more integrated with our everyday lives. Whether through interactive apps like Pokémon GO that blend reality with a fictional digital world, or through interior design apps that allow consumers to virtually create their dream living space, AR has become increasingly prevalent and shows no signs of slowing down.
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