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September 25th, 2019

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Deborah RainowNotes from the editor: 

OK! There are 3 things we would like you to do this month.

1   LAUGH   Let’s face it. We all need a laugh at this moment in time. Right?   All you have to do is click here.  If you’re in the travel business, we 100% guarantee that you will find this hilarious.

2   Do you have 360 videos showcasing your destinations and attractions? We’re not kidding. We REALLY want to know and publicize it here (at no charge of course), and  also on our parent site, Tours.com. Just click here and you can just send us a link!

3   Enjoy this issue   Skim the great destination campaigns of this past year. Try out some of the AR apps on your phone. Take a roller coaster ride… and not leave your office.  This VR/AR stuff is really So. Much. Fun.

Thanks for reading. Deborah

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The Best And Most Thrilling Virtual Reality (VR) Theme Park Rides In The World   Forbes.com
There's a new version of amusement to test the boundaries of thrill-seekers—virtual reality (VR) theme park rides! Along with thrill rides explicitly made for VR and existing roller coasters, drop towers and water slides augmented with the technology for a new experience, you can put on a VR headset at home that will make you feel like you’re experiencing rides from around the world without even leaving your home.  READ MORE

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British Airways is testing VR entertainment on select first class flights   Theverge.com
British Airways is hoping that VR entertainment might help some of its passengers distract themselves long enough on a flight to forget they’re zooming several hundred miles per hour at tens of thousands of feet above the ground. In a new pilot program, the UK airline announced that it will offer VR headsets from SkyLights for select first class flights between London’s Heathrow and New York’s JFK airports.  READ MORE

Why Today's Super-Informed Traveler Is So Damn Hard To Please   Forbes.com
The 21st century traveler is a different animal than the one moving around the planet only a quarter century ago. Imagine telling someone in 1995 that vacations would be planned around staying in a stranger’s apartment rather than a hotel, or that passengers would get out of cabs without handing the driver cash, or that people would ask robots for restaurant choices, flight options and directions.  READ MORE

Retail is getting reimagined with augmented reality
Retail is dead. Long live retail. With the ubiquity of online shopping, brick-and-mortar retail has become more competitive. Good deals and low prices aren’t enough to draw customers into stores anymore; today’s customers are looking for experiences, according to developers and retail prognosticators.  READ MORE

Check it out:

7 ways augmented reality can change the way you use your phone  Popsci.com  READ MORE


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