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September 30th, 2020

The Only VR Newsletter for the Travel Industry

Note from the Editor: While gaming is always prominently featured in promotions for various VR headsets, our readers want to know what is the best headset for experiencing travel. So we dived in. Turns out Google Daydream and Samsung VR Gear –the darlings of a couple of years ago- are no longer- literally and figuratively.  This first story gives a good look at the range of options depending on budget. This and other articles point to Oculus Quest as being the best overall although there are definitely a couple of very inexpensive options too. However, since we put together this issue, Oculus announced that Quest 2 will be coming out on October 13th and that promises to deliver an even better experience, and at a lower cost. And—I suggest you read to the end to see what FB has in mind for the AR glasses that you are definitely going to want!                   
                            Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor

The Best VR Headset in 2020  Tomsguide.com

These are the best VR headsets you can buy, including standalone VR headsets and ones for PCs and phones.
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Take 5 minutes to see how the QUEST headset works…...   
FREE and inexpensive experiences that work across all VR platforms…
Travel Trend: No passport. No ticket. Just a Virtual
Reality headset to go around the world
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For all the travel junkies…and there are A LOT......
Air Travel Enthusiasts Line Up To "Fly To Nowhere"  Dogonews.com
In a normal world, boarding an airplane that circles in the air for a few hours before returning to the same airport would have been considered laughable. However, in the COVID-19 pandemic era, where international travel has ground to a halt, "flights to nowhere," or "scenic flights," are becoming increasingly popular with homebound consumers eager to get on an airplane. 
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A super compilation of the different TYPES of travel now captured in VR…
Here’s how virtual reality could shape the future of travel msn.com
With the COVID-19 pandemic halting most travel over the past few months, the tourism industry is turning to virtual reality (VR) as an alternative way for wannabe globetrotters to explore the world. Here’s a look at how VR is shaping the future of travel.
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Take a look at what’s coming your way in 2-5 years!!

All We Know About Facebook’s Future Augmented Reality Glasses   Interestingengineering.com
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