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July 31st, 2023

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Note from the Editor:   We usually shy away from those omnipresent “ future of travel” stories since they are often speculation and we like to focus on what’s happening NOW.  However, we made an exception for the first story. Definitely worth your time. And, we had to give you the 411 on Apple’s new headset. It’s pricey now but keep your eye on what it’s pointing to!

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor    
As is said, the future IS now

The future of travel: 10 concepts that will change the way we experience the world  Cnn.com 
Travel has come a long way since the age of Silk Road caravans, daunting sea voyages, and steam locomotives -– and will continue to transform in years to come. Concepts that feel plucked from sci-fi novels and films are quickly making their way into mainstream travel. Sooner rather than later, we could be piloting passenger drones around. Singapore or rocketing into Earth’s orbit to admire the world from the edge of space.   
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VR and AR: not just for couch travelers

Rediscovering ancient cities and lost civilizations using AI, AR, and AI    Hospitality.net 
Imagine standing in the heart of ancient Rome, marveling at the majestic Colosseum as gladiators prepare for a fierce battle. Or strolling down the bustling streets of lost cities like Atlantis and Pompeii, feeling the thrum of life from civilizations past. Thanks to advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR), these experiences may no longer be confined to our collective imaginations
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Apple is known for not doing anything that won’t have a LONG  shelf life 
Apple Vision Pro first take: 3 reasons this changes everything   zdnet.com
June 5, 2023, will go down as the day Apple started something big. It's different from what the world expected. It's more expensive, it's more ambitious, and it has a much longer runway. But while the Apple Vision Pro looks like a set of magic ski goggles, it's actually a computing platform that might eventually take over a lot of what we do today on smartphones, tablets, and computers.  
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I don’t want to go but a lot of people with big bucks do!

Virgin Galactic has sold 800 tickets to the edge of space. The first customers just took flight   CNN.com  
Virgin Galactic, the venture founded by British billionaire Richard Branson, successfully launched its first paying customers to the edge of space — a milestone two decades in the making. The company’s inaugural commercial flight Thursday was a research-focused mission with Italian Air Force-funded passengers...
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“Try before you buy” isn’t just an Amazon slogan anymore   

Geenee AR launches advanced virtual Try-On Solutions for E-commerce and retail
In the online shopping era, the one thing missing from a perfect shopping experience was a realistic way of trying on products remotely. Thanks to augmented reality and virtual try-on solutions (VTO), this is no longer an issue. Various AR and WebAR development companies allow retailers and e-commerce brands to offer their customers a highly realistic way of trying various products.
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A good review of what hotels are up to

How virtual reality is changing the hotel industry   miragenews.com
VR technology is currently being used in a number of innovative ways within the hotel industry: in destination marketing, room tours, employee training and recruitment. Plus, hotel brands are just at the forefront of engagement with metaverse.
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