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September 28th, 2022

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Note from the Editor:  A smart marketing guy I used to work with liked (a lot) the acronym “UPOD” which he defined as a product’s “unique point of difference.” Making that case for a company at any given point in time is what it’s all about ...right?  Check out what Atlanta CVB, Airbus, and MSC Cruises are doing now to put their UPOD in front of potential travelers. Oh! And don’t forget to watch the chimps in the last story!

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor    
Atlanta banking on the future of meeting planning

Atlanta CVB leaps into the metaverse with groundbreaking marketing platform
The Atlanta CVB has become one of the first destination marketing organizations to embrace the metaverse with the launch of a marketing platform designed to allow event professionals and prospective visitors to explore the city and its venues through a rendered 3D virtual experience.  
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Airbus not taking a backseat to Emirates in this department

Exploring virtual reality’s future in air travel   Airbus.com
Imagine a future airline in-flight experience where travelers can enter a virtual environment via the metaverse without leaving their seats…visiting a relaxing town square with the soothing sounds of fountains and birds, exploring a nature trail, or even meeting the avatar of a fellow passenger on a park bench.
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Are cruise ships going to become the new theme parks?  
New entertainment options set for MSC Seascape   Cruiseindustrynews.co 
MSC Cruises has revealed details of the new onboard entertainment options for the MSC Seascape that is set to debut in December. The highlight will be ROBOTRON, an amusement ride that offers a rollercoaster at sea as well as two new virtual reality experiences. 
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A good overview of the latest developments on VR+ hotels

The ultimate guide to virtual reality hotel tours and digital twins  Hoteltechreport.com
Imagine if there was a way to give guests the chance to “experience” your property before they even book. Photos can only tell so much of your story, but a digital twin can more effectively encourage guests to book by allowing them a much more realistic preview. 
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A great use of 5 seconds of your time 

Chimpanzee brothers watch VR together   Bolnews.com
A video of two chimpanzee brothers watching travel videos on a VR (Virtual Reality) headset is getting a lot of attention on social media.   The Instagram user “chimpbrothers” posted the video. It’s been watched 2.2 million times and liked 53,000 times. . 
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