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May 30th, 2019

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If Pokemon Go and Lonely Planet Had a Child, It Would Be SmartGuide - Augmented Reality Audioguide   Digitial Guide
Travel-tech startup SmartGuide raises Seed B round from a syndicate of investors led by Grouport VC to disrupt traditional guides and revolutionize how people experience new places during their travels. SmartGuide turns every phone into a private guide.  READ MORE

Apple CEO Tim Cook Promotes New Statue of Liberty Augmented Reality App   Macrumors.com
Apple CEO Tim Cook this afternoon encouraged his Twitter followers to check out the new Statue of Liberty augmented reality app for iOS, which was conceptualized by Diane von Fürstenberg to celebrate the launch of the Statue of Liberty Museum. “The Statue of Liberty app is just the beginning of how AR will transform the way we connect with our world’s treasures.“  READ MORE

Virtual Reality Museum Allows Users to Explore Five Shipwrecked Vessels   Smithsonianmag.com
Some 200 years ago, a trio of vessels now known as the Monterrey Shipwrecks came to rest more than 4,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. The three ships, found in the same immediate vicinity, likely sank during a single storm, although it remains unclear exactly where they were headed, what their missions were and whether they were traveling together. READ MORE

What Magic Can Marketers Make with Augmented Reality?   Martechadvisor.com
Marketers are always looking for the next game-changing technology to revitalize marketing campaigns. Augmented Reality (AR) is a dynamic new space with myriad possibilities for intelligent marketing implementations. In this article, let’s look at the definition of AR, four augmented reality best practices, and two AR success stories in B2B and B2C. READ MORE

Roller Coasters Get Real About Virtual Reality   Orlandosentinel.com
The romance between roller coasters and virtual reality has hit a rough patch. Theme parks’ recent technological trend, which allows riders to have otherworldly experiences aboard real thrill rides, is fading, experts and operators say. READ MORE


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