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March 30th, 2019

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If you’re interested in some concrete examples of how travel companies are using augmented reality applications to enhance their customers experiences, check out the short article in this issue “Top 5 Ideas how to use AR in Tourism.”  It’s a great quick overview of key principles with demos. Take a look!


 Top 5 Ideas How To Use AR In Tourism   Hospitality.net
Augmented reality and tourism are created for each other. If you think about it, you will definitely agree. What is the main activity of a tourist? Traveling, of course. Traveling and watching around, absorbing every piece of information they can find about the destination. READ MORE

Virtual reality adds to tourism through touch, smell and real people's experiences   Phys.org
Back in 2001, an acquaintance who worked for Lonely Planet told me about a surprise discovery. The travel guide business had an audience of people who would buy their travel books, but never travel. Lonely Planet dubbed them "virtual tourists". Now Lonely Planet, and others, have become excited by tourism powered by virtual reality (VR) – both on this planet and, thanks to NASA, on others.

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All aboard Hong Kong’s first AR arts train   Independent.co.uk
Hong Kong’s major public railway service has been transformed into a moving gallery, with the introduction of a pop-up Arts Train. Taking inspiration from local street art, Chinese art and Western art, travellers on the colourful service can engage with the works through augmented reality (AR), and even have the opportunity to place themselves front and centre in some pieces using a face-swap function on their mobile phone. READ MORE

Seabourn using VR headsets to train waitstaff  Travelwekly.com
Seabourn is using a virtual-reality training application from Pixvana to solve the problem of how to train waitstaff in a realistic off-ship environment. The two companies said Pixvana's interactive VR training video enables new Seabourn employees to master the 105-table main dining room on Seabourn's latest ships without access to the actual room. READ MORE

America by Rail
Planes of the future will feature virtual reality, yoga studios, and lots of cauliflower   Popsci.com
In 2018, Qantas introduced the first nonstop link between ¬Europe and Australia. Clocking in at 17 hours, an extended flight like this is possible only because airplane makers such as Boeing and Airbus have spent decades on innovations, including fuel-friendly wing shapes and stronger, lighter materials. But keeping a plane in the air all day is useless if you can’t keep customers happy in cramped, sterile cabins for the duration. READ MORE

Augmented reality takes museum-goers inside Rembrandt painting Dezeen.com
Visitors to the Mauritshuis museum can use their smartphone to experience Rembrandt van Rijn's The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp in augmented reality, thanks to Dutch design agency CapitolaVR. To mark 350 years since the passing of the 17th-century Dutch painter, CapitolaVR created the Rembrandt Reality app that uses augmented reality to let people "step inside" one of the artist's most famous paintings. READ MORE

In other news!    BarbieGeekspin.co   gets her first helicopter and dream plane in new travel toy collection    READ MORE

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