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October 31st, 2022

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Note from the Editor:  This month our eyes caught a variety of items showing how AR and VR are clearly going mainstream.  From The Big Easy to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the technology is clearly being embraced to tell different but very compelling stories. 

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor    
What will this percentage be in a year? 

43% of travelers want to use VR to plan vacations   Digitalinformationworld.com
Booking.com recently conducted a global survey and it is important to note that 43% of the people who responded to this survey said that they would like to check out a vacation spot through VR. 
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As goes Google….

Google Maps gets augmented reality search results   Arstechnica.com
Google Maps loves augmented reality. After launching augmented reality walking navigation in 2019 and indoor AR navigation in 2021, it's now showing off augmented reality search results. 
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This will put Montgomery, Alabama on a lot of travelers’ to-do lists
‘Traveling While Black”: Virtual Reality exhibit at Civil Rights Memorial Center
The project, “Traveling While Black,” uses high-concept documentary and virtual reality technology to immerse participants into the terrifying world of the United States during legal segregation. 
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Take a look at the video of the ad

Have a seat at this enchanting VR dinner party featuring New Orleans' culture bearers   Adweek.com
 New Orleans Plus One” trades in travel montages of major attractions for a virtual reality tour of the city’s deep cultural roots. Viewers with VR headsets can take their own seat at a special dinner that hosts the city’s biggest cultural drivers. 
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Interesting panel discussion on AR glasses 

How do AR glasses go mainstream? 
 AR glasses continue to become more compelling on a larger scale as we see thinner lenses, more powerful processors, interactive software, and increasing interest. Experts in specialty fields like architecture and medicine have pushed forward the desire for AR technology while we're also seeing increased interest from average consumers. 
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