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Note from the Editor:   This issue is a bit of a hodge podge of interesting stories and yes, artificial intelligence is front and center. Unlike the metaverse, which has currently disappeared as the buzzword of choice, (sorry Mark Z!), AI is here to stay. Lots has been said about how dangerous AI can be but if you’re not aware of how it is, and will be, affecting the travel industry, you’re in danger of being left behind. It’s really as simple as that!
Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor    
“Click-bait” headline but interesting article nonetheless!
No need to worry that AI will ruin travel-social media already did that   
The more platforms like Instagram prioritize aesthetically pleasing travel reels, the more homogenized travel becomes. But some believe AI might prevent tourism from bottlenecking. AI is quickly creeping into nearly every major U.S. industry  and travel seems to be embracing the tech with open arms.  Travel behemoths like Expedia and Kayak are implementing tools to specifically streamline bookings and recommendations. Last month, Google  announced a new AI tool that allows users to create detailed itineraries via simple prompts. 
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Sign me up for this….please! 

Paris Museum takes visitors back 150 years to impressionism's birth
The Orsay Museum in Paris is marking 150 years of Impressionism from March 26 with an unprece-dented reassembling of the masterpieces that launched the movement, and a virtual reality experience that takes visitors back in time. Using VR technology, visitors to “Paris 1874:  Inventing Impressionism” can take a plunge into the streets, salons, and beauty spots that marked a revolution in art. 
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It’s all about customization   

10 booking trends and stats that every hotelier should know to drive guest experience and revenue in 2024 and  beyond
The hospitality industry is now in an undeniably important state of flux: a widespread upheaval of legacy processes and platforms to make room for big tech and big ideas. Although hotel service will always have traditional roots and values, the quality of service—and how it is delivered—is ripe for technological enhancement. 
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AI's role in travel?

From short term to long term:  Forecasting AI's role in travel tech
AI’s influence on travel technology looks to be at an inflection point. Its promises are radical and (ostensibly) infinite. You’ve likely encountered recent headlines touting the marvels  of Apple’s Vision Pro and OpenAI’s new text-to-video model, both of which boast eye-catching innovations in augmented reality and generative AI. These capabilities, though nascent, portend a cultural and commercial golden age where our experiences are as personalized as they are immersive. Put simply, seismic shifts are underway.
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Elvis has left the building…or has he?

Elvis Presley hologram creator teases 'time travel' element after 'terrifying' fans
An ‘immersive’ show featuring an AI hologram of Elvis Presley who died in 1977, will be more like ‘time travel’  according to its creator. The King of Rock and Roll will technically be making his first appearance on stage in London, albeit in AI form. London is to become the first city in the world to see AI Elvis perform on stage as part of the immersive experience which will even use the smells and weather of Memphis to feel like they’ve traveled back in time.
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